A virtuous circle for Agrifood

Duynie Group believes businesses must be sustainable. Our vision is to utilise the value of materials for as long as possible, creating a virtuous circle, designed to maximising reuse and minimising waste.

We think and act like that, not just because it makes good business sense but because it is necessary for the world and its future.


Feeding our children and grandchildren
If we are to feed a growing population and leave our children a habitable planet, we humans have to rethink almost everything about the way we live, eat and drink, travel, build and do business. Sustainability is the key to our future.

Duynie Group has been thinking and acting like this for the past 50 years. Our vision is starting to become fashionable. But for us, this is not fashion: For us, this is simply who we are.

Living within the Earth’s resources
As the climate emergency grows, so it becomes more urgent for every business to respond positively. We use more natural resources in a year than the Earth can regenerate. Wastage of food crops and water adds to the problem.

Business can make a difference through improved production efficiency, leading to reduced emissions, driven by cutting out waste all through the value chain. That’s where Duynie Group can help.

Enabling the circular economy
Read more about sustainability in the download below:


Environmental impact co-products

Duynie Group has conducted several Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) of co-products. A LCA is an analysis of the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of a product or service; from cradle to grave. With the LCA’s we can substantiate, among others, that valorising co-products contributes to fight worldwide challenges and the sustainability ambitions of suppliers and customers.

Feel free to contact us anytime for your questions about sustainable management of co-products.