From worldwide challenges to Duynie Group

Duynie Group sees two worldwide challenges:
1. In 2050 we have to feed almost 10 billion people. That is an additional 2.8 billion people!
2. If we continue with our current consumption patterns to feed almost 10 billion people in 2050 we will need 3 planets!

So big steps need to be taken to meet the needs of the growing world population and at the same time not exceed the planetary boundaries. To fulfil the protein need of people more plant based protein is needed. The CO2 emissions must decrease by e.g. increase efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Also optimal resource use and by that preventing waste is necessary. Digitalization can help to realize these transitions. These four transitions are leading for the long term strategy of Duynie Group and logically an integral part of the sustainability strategy of Duynie Group.

Sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is about ‘maintaining a long term business’. To realize this ambition we focus on creating new value. It is about creating commercial value for our partners. From the suppliers of co-products, to our customers who receive high quality products and services every day. At the same time we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to create value for the environment. This means that with our activities we also want to contribute to fighting the worldwide challenges.

Our sustainability strategy addresses two focus areas:

1. Creating new value by circular resource use
For more than 50 years we are dedicated to innovate processes that extract the maximum value from co-products and translate it into new products, services and applications. We support our suppliers in maximal use of their raw materials and at the same time supply our customers with sustainable raw materials. By this also the environment benefits. More resources stay available for human consumption and planetary boundaries are respected.

2. Balancing 4 P’s
We closely look to our own operations. We continuously look how we can take our responsibility by balancing the four P’s. We act responsibly towards our partners, our people and the planet. We see profit as an enabler for maintaining a long term business for us, our suppliers, our customers and the environment. 

Finally our core values (reliable, passionate, innovative, entrepreneurial) are guiding principles for our way of working and the way we deliver products and services to our customers.

Environmental impact co-products

At Duynie Group we monitor the impact we have on the environment. Therefore we have conducted several Life Cycle Analyses in which we give insights in the environmental impact of our products.

  Environmental impact co-products


Corine Kroft

Sustainability Manager+31(0)