Snelvri winner Agrafiek 2017

Friday 15 December 2017

On Tuesday 5 December, Jean Pierre Pollyn presented a Duynie award to the winner of Agrafiek 2017. Already the 16th edition of the Agrafiek awards, the event was held at the impressive Brussel Expo halls during the Agribex agricultural fair.

The awards were given in three categories: that of pig farming, cattle farming, and machinery contractors. This edition also contained a new element, an ‘Award for diversification’, meant to stimulate diversification in agricultural production.

In the category of Pig farming, the award went to Snelvri: the company owned by Peter Snels and his spouse Nadine Vriends, based in Minderhout, province of Antwerp. Watch the company film to get to know this pig farming business.

Snelvri is also a customer of Duynie Bvba, using Corami and potato steam peels as feed.
The Duynie award presented by Jean Pierre Pollyn consists of a full load of Duynie cattle feed. Besides offering the award for the Pig farming category, Jean Pierre Pollyn has been part of the Agrafiek Awards jury since the very beginning. The award ceremony was attended by the entire Duynie Bvba field service team, which was able to acquire or renew lots of customer contacts during the ceremony and the visit to the Agribex fair.



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