Our suppliers are driven by their contribution to carbon footprints, sustainability and social responsibility. The only way forward to not only mind but really unburden the environment. In the world of coproducts this means utilizing the true potential of coreproducts by innovation.

Today most co-products of the food, beverage and bio-fuel industry are used as animal feed. By optimizing production processes and characteristics of co-products we are able to market this product in markets as petfood and aqua. Through innovation we are now able to produce consumer end products out of co-products. In the coming decade more and more co-products will be utilized as end product or semi finished product in new and existing markets. Through innovation co-products will exist as fulfilling coreproducts. Such innovation can only be done working closely together with suppliers, research centers, governments, customers and other partners.

To develop future coreproducts we invests in our people and organisation to improve Duynie's ability to innovative, corporate agility and collaboration.