Our caring philosophy and behaviour is outlined in our mission:

  • Serve the food, beverage and bio-fuel industries, Duynie Group takes care of the coproducts that arise from the production processes of their suppliers.

  • Produce raw materials, semi-finished or finished products based on coproducts. These products meet the standards of their markets and contribute to a more sustainable world where natural resources are getting scarce.

  • Create new applications for coproducts and continuously innovate, challenging existing business models.

  • Constantly strive to achieve best levels of health and safety in all aspects of our operations. Our professional organisation with dedicated employees works together with suppliers and customers to optimise the world of coreproducts.

  • To grow with our suppliers we constantly expand our European organisation and invest in regional footholds.

  • Challenge our day to day operations to reduce our carbon footprint. We aim to minimise vehicle movements to limit the joint environmental impact through CO2 emissions

  • Deliver equally financial and sustainable results to our stakeholders.

  • Excel customer expectations by acting according to the core values: respect, integrity and openness.

We do this with passion and drive in a transparent and dynamic setting.