Care for coreproducts

Our mission is to utilise the potential of co-products. In a world where resources are becoming scarce and society increasingly demands sustainability in all areas and operations, our goal is to transform co-products into core products.

To achieve this, our mission statement is care for core products! Our caring philosophy and conduct are outlined in our mission.

Our suppliers are driven by their contribution to reducing carbon footprints and increasing sustainability and social responsibility. The only way forward is to not only consider but truly unburden the environment. In the world of co-products this means utilising the true potential of coreproducts through innovation.

Today most co-products of the food, beverage and bio-fuel industries are used as animal feed. By optimising both production processes and the characteristics of co-products we are able to market the products as petfood and for aquaculture. Through innovation we are now able to produce consumer end products out of co-products. In the coming decade more and more co-products will be utilised as end product or semi finished product in new and existing markets. Through innovation co-products will become a fully integrated part of industrial processes and of society. Such innovation can only be done working closely together with suppliers, research centres, governments, customers and other partners.

To develop future coreproducts we invest in our people and organisation to improve Duynie's innovative capacity, corporate agility and collaboration.