The modified starch divison of Duynie Group is active under the name Novidon. This name is an amalgamation of the Latin words for new and starch.

Novidon is an innovative and sustainable company, continuously looking to generate more value from sidestream potato starch. In the three production plants in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom, native and modified potato starch is produced.

Native potato starch is used for different industries like food, pet food, bioplastics and paper. Modified potato starches are suitable for different applications:

  • Wallpaper glue/adhesives
  • Adhesive for paper converting, like paper bags/sacks, tube winding
  • As a fluid loss reducer for the drilling and mining industry

Novidon develops also custom made starch solutions together with customers. All products are delivered worldwide.

Novidons sales offices are situated in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and Moscow (Russia). Novidon has a global agents network. Novidon’s research and development department develops new products and starch solutions. Novidon has a high standard quality system that complies with international laws, regulations and procedures to guarantee a consistent quality and meeting customer’s demand.

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