Striving for high applications

Duynie Group is processing large quantities of co-products into high value products on a daily basis.

Duynie Group is on a mission to create more value out of co-products. Due to our expertise we are able to bring back food co-products in the food chain.


Native potato starch is used as an ingredient for food products. Potato starch is a universal binder and thickener for many applications in the food industry.

Novidon is producing according latest FSSC food standards. Novidon food starch is processed from European potatoes only and GMO-free.

Potato Protein

Humans need to satisfy a larger amount of their protein needs with plant-based protein. Only then the growing world population can be fed without placing an extra burden on the planet.

Duynie Group is finding innovative ways to do that by refining a potato co-product into high quality plant-based protein that is applicable for food products.