At Duynie Group we believe that manufacturing primary products does not create waste, it creates opportunities. And with innovations we can unlock their potential. We are always looking further afield, at sectors in which our subsidiaries are not yet active. That is why we innovate so we can create commercial value for every stakeholder in the process.

Today, Duynie Group maximises the value of co-products through its divisions that are active in multiple markets. 



Duynie Group is processing large quantities of co-products into high value products on a daily basis. Duynie Group is on a mission to create more value out of co-products. Due to our expertise we are able to bring back food co-products in the food chain.

Food applications 



Duynie Ingredients provides smart, sustainable and responsible ingredients of organic origin to the petfood industry. 

Petfood applications 



Throughout Europe, Duynie Feed provides a responsible and sustainable supply of animal feeds.

Feed applications 



The starch divison of Duynie Group is active under the name Novidon. Novidon also produces starch for many industrial applications like gluing. 

Industrial applications 



The Renewables divison of Duynie Group is active in the Benelux under the brand: AgriBioSource (ABS). ABS is active in marketing biomass as raw material for energy production. 

Energy applications