Duynie Group places great importance on developing applications for co-products, with the aim of achieving higher values.  At Duynie Innovations we constantly push boundaries to identify new opportunities outside of our day to day activities.

We like to give an impression of our key innovation projects:

EcoGrain Cat Litter launched in February this year

One of the projects was to launch a natural, coproducts based, Cat Litter. This product called EcoGrain Cat Litter is developed within Duynie. Based on coproducts from cereal productions we pack this product in 10L and 30L bags. The product is sold to pet stores and retailers in Western Europe. Consumers buying EcoGrain Cat Litter like the sustainable sourced natural ingredients of this product.

Please visit our EcoGrain website for more information.  

Reducing energy consumption through innovative Heat Recovery Programme

The food industry is characterised in general by a large energy consumption, thus large amounts of waste heat are available. Just like organic side streams, Duynie Group regards waste heat as a side product also which can be upgraded and sold. In close cooperation with the food industry Duynie Innovations is currently developing an innovative heat pump capable of upgrading all types of waste heat to useful temperature levels. The first goal is to ‘proof the concept’ with a pilot heatpump suitable for upgrading the waste heat of a chips fryer with the aim to heat up the fryer oil. It is expected that the energy consumption of a industrial potato fryer can be reduced by 75%.  

We soon expect the first proof of concept results. Please subcribe to the Duynie Group newsletter to stay informed.

3D-layout full-scale heatpump

Protein extraction

Functional protein  is a valuable ingredient for the backery and the beverage industry. With foaming en gelling properties it is successful used to enhance the volume, improve it’s palatability or homogenise fluids. Functional proteins are normally derived from eggs or dairy products. Duynie attempts to extract  these proteins form among others, potato fruit water. The advantage of the Duynie Functional Proteins  are: product is of vegetable origin, also suitable in vegetarian diets,  it has a lower carbon footprint and is therefore better for the environment.

New modification method of starches/carbon

Duynie refines and dries cutting starch for use in several applications in the cardbox industry, the offshore industry and wallpaper flakes. This operation runs under the name Novidon. In order to broaden the market, Duynie invested in application research of using starch as a bag glue and sticker  glue. This is a continuous innovation process where Market meets Research in order to develop products for a demanding market. Duynie developed starchbased products for the white paper industry, the sticker industry and the paper bags industry. For this purpose new modification techniques were succesfully introduced.


Cosun Food Technology Centre (CFTC)

The team of Duynie Innovations works closely together with specialists from the Cosun Food Technology Centre (CFTC). CFTC is Cosun's knowledge and expertise hub for product development, process technology, analysis and research. It also has its own Info Centre and invests in knowledge management. They have research laboratories, test centres for process analysis and their own 'kitchen'.
In 2017 the CFTC will move to a brand new location at Dinteloord. This new location houses new laboratories and gives the possibilty to build testcases for processes and factories.

Impression of the new CFTC building at Dinteloord