We believe that there is value in everything. That a manufacturing process does not create waste, it creates opportunities. For more than 50 years we have been dedicated to innovate processes that extract the value from co-products and translate it into new products, services and applications. Our drive for innovative and game-changing ideas keeps us ahead of the market. Continuously looking for new, creative ways to generate more value from co-products. We like to give an impression of our key innovation projects:

Heat Recovery


Production companies are constantly looking to reduce energy consumption. That’s why Duynie Group is developing a revolutionary heat pump which upgrades heat to high temperatures. This enables production companies to use this heat directly in their production process reducing the need for natural gas, saving energy costs and significantly reducing the amount of CO2 emissions. Click here to download an infographic with more information. 


Potato protein

Humans need to satisfy a larger amount of their protein needs with plant-based protein. Only then the growing world population can be fed without placing an extra burden on the planet. Duynie Group is finding innovative ways to do that by refining a potato co-product into high quality plant-based protein that is applicable for food products. Click here to download an infographic with more information.



Refining brewers grains


By striving to maximise the use of resources, Duynie Group has found the key to extracting valuable components from brewers’ grains. Duynie Group has developed a technique to refine the brewers’ grains into various components that can be used in a wide range of applications such as feed, pet food, food and cosmetics. Click here to download an infographic with more information.


Single cell protein

With the growing worldwide demand for high-value protein, Duynie Group is investigating if potato steam peels can be used as a medium for the production of single cell protein. This high-value protein could be used in feed, pet food and food applications. Click here to download an infographic with more information.

Cosun Innovation Center


The team of Duynie Innovations works closely together with specialists from the Cosun Innovation Center. Cosun Innovation Center is Cosun's knowledge and expertise hub for product development, process technology, analysis and research. It also has its own Info Centre and invests in knowledge management. They have research laboratories, test centres for process analysis and their own 'kitchen'. Recently the Cosun Innovation Center has moved to a brand new location at Dinteloord. This new location houses new laboratories and gives the possibilty to build testcases for processes and factories.