Refining brewers’ grain

Brewers' Spent Grains: from by-product to added value

Brewers across the world create 30 million tonnes of spent grains each year, 6 million in Europe alone. Most of this is used for animal feed, while some is burned to generate electricity. Yet there is still plenty of potential profit locked up, unused and unexploited.

Protein, fats, fibre, amino acids, specialty chemicals: these are all right there, present in every batch of Brewers’ Spent Grains. If we can extract these ingredients efficiently then brewers could be looking at a whole new business model.

It is time to see Brewers’ Spent Grains for what they really are. Not simply a relatively low-value by-product but a vital co-product, capable of generating a new profit stream and creating real added value for brewers.

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Fresh thinking from brewery to bio-refinery

For brewers, the future could be not just making beer but, with the help of Duynie Group’s specialized knowledge, also refining high-value products for industries that range from pet food to personal care, from specialised lubricants to human food supplements and beyond.

Duynie Group’s innovative thinking and proven entrepreneurship is the key to expanding the scope of a Brewer’s business: turning a brewery into a Bio-Refinery. That could be a game-changer for the brewing industry.

Expert partnership: getting the science right

Turning a brewery into a bio-refinery that delivers a whole range of valuable products: it’s a tempting thought, but it’s not easy. We need specialist expertise to turn the idea into stable production at the right cost. That’s the key to moving from great idea to profitable business.

That’s where Duynie Group comes into the picture. We carry out our own original research into the biology of Brewers’ Grains, and partner with leading academic experts to turn theory into practice. Duynie Group now has a joint venture with a leading European brewer, and a proof of concept that is delivering profitable new business. Combining Duynie Group’s scientific expertise with brewing co-products: that’s a partnership that delivers for industry, the environment and all our customers.