Heat recovery



Food, beverage and biofuel production processes are very energy demanding. The European food, beverage and biofuel industry consumes millions of Nm3 of natural gas per year, resulting in vast CO2 emissions and an increasing impact on the carbon footprint.

Duynie Group innovative solution

That’s why Duynie Group is developing a new, game-changing innovation: the heat pump. A dedicated team of experts from The Netherlands and Norway are developing this revolutionary heat pump which is set to change food, beverage and biofuel production processes forever.

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When raw materials are processed to end-products, a substantial amount of residual heat is created, which is normally simply wasted. The heat pump recovers the ‘low value heat’ before upgrading it to ‘high value heat’. The upgraded heat, with temperatures up to 180C, is then reused directly in the production process.


  • Effectively reduces the need for natural gas in the production process, Up to 70%.
  • Significantly reduces energy costs.
  • Significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions

The innovative heat pump ensures that production processes are more efficient, more sustainable and thereby future-proof. It’s more proof of our drive to develop innovative, game-changing ideas that generate more value from co-products.

* “The project was carried out with a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, national regulations for Economic Affairs Grants, Top Sector Energy carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency”