At Duynie Group we believe that manufacturing primary products does not create waste, it creates opportunities. And with new innovations we can unlock their potential. Our drive for innovative and game-changing ideas keeps us ahead of the market. Continuously looking for new, creative ways to generate more value from co-products. For us, our suppliers, our customers and the environment.


Duynie Group innovative solutions

We already developed many innovations. One example is Novidon. By a new way of upgrading side stream starch, we are already able to upgrade this side stream to food applications. But there is more.


Heat recovery

This heat pump effectively reduces the need for natural gas in the production process, Up to 70%. It also significantly reduces energy costs and the amount of CO2 emissions.

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Potato protein

Humans need to satisfy a larger amount of their protein needs with plant-based protein. Only then the growing world population can be fed without placing an extra burden on the planet. Therefore Duynie Group develops an innovative refinery to valorize protein from potato fruit water.

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Refining brewers' grain

Duynie Group is working with some of the largest brewery's in the world. By refining the brewers' grain, strive to upgrade the value of sidestreams.

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Single cell protein

Besides potato fruit water, Duynie Group also receives large quantities of potato peels. By using micro-organisms Duynie Group takes out the protein inside these peels.

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