Fruit & vegetable preparation industry

Are you a food products producer who processes vegetables and fruit? Do you want to maximise the return on your products? Are you eager to see your business process run as smoothly as possible? Then Duynie Group is the right partner for you.

Optimisation of the economic value of products

Duynie Group ensures that you maximise the return on your vegetables and fruit. We optimise the economic value of the direct co-products: peel, rejected products, leaf waste, cuttings, faulty products, products close to their use-by date and strangely-shaped products. Duynie Group can always take on your complete residual streams package, and as we guarantee to divert all your co-products quickly, your production process is not disrupted.

Process innovation

Our staff are eager to help you arrive at ways of further increasing the return from your business. We advise you on how to separate your residual streams closer to the source so that we can maximise the value of your co-products. Suppliers can count on us: we destroy packaged products nearing their use-by date professionally and ensure that they are unrecognisable. To found out more, see our Company survey and Case studies pages.