Company survey

No matter how good your production process is, it can always be improved. At Duynie Group we know and understand the world of bread processing. Suppliers want to know how much dough and bread is wasted in their company. Duynie Group can monitor this with its code and weighing systems and provide feedback on that basis. As a result you will know what can be improved in your process.

Duynie Group provides you with advice and smart solutions to optimise your company process. We install closed catching systems that ensure pests are kept out. This results not only in an increase in the economic value of your residual streams, but also gives you a head start in the event of audits. Our system automatically indicates that the container is full, so that we can come and exchange it without any effort on your part. You can thus rest assured that you can always store your co-products and that they will be removed promptly. Our end goal is for you to realise a maximum return.

Business relations are key

Duynie Group is committed to maintaining long-term relationships with its suppliers. In our view, the optimisation of your production processes is a continuous process. By offering you our guidance and consulting with you at every turn, we help your business process run even more smoothly. We may even invest in the technical installations that we install at your company.