Modified starch | Novidon

The modified starch divison of Duynie Group is active under the name Novidon. This name is an amalgamation of the Latin words for new and starch.

Novidon manufactures native potato starch and modified potato starch derivatives for a wide variety of technical applications. The potato starch products and services are delivered worldwide by Novidon.

The Novidon products are applied in different industries, such as paper, drilling and mining, paper sack, labeling, textile and wall covering industry. Novidon produces native potato starch products under own brand and also under private label. Besides our standard solutions; Novidon is willing to provide tailor made products and services.

Novidon has production facilities in Nijmegen (NL), Wrexham (UK), Veurne (BE), and Hodiskov (CZ). The offices of Novidon are located at Nijmegen (NL), Alphen aan den Rijn (NL) and Moskou (RU).

For further information please visit the Novidon website, send an email to or contact any of the Novidon team members.