Environmental impact co-products

Duynie Group has conducted several Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) of co-products. A LCA is an analysis of the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of a product or service; from cradle to grave. With the LCA’s we can substantiate, among others, that valorizing co-products contributes to fight worldwide challenges and the sustainability ambitions of suppliers and customers.

Environmental impact Brewers' Grains

Working in the brewing industry? In that case the factsheet Brewers' Grains contains useful information for you. Read how valorization of Brewers’ Grains as feed or fuel contributes to fighting worldwide challenges like climate change and water use. And how you as a brewer can contribute to fighting worldwide challenges by valorization of Brewers’ Grains.

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    More to come....

    Curious about more? Please check this page regularly to learn more about the impact of our other co-products. Feel free to contact us anytime for your questions about sustainable management of co-products. 


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