Care for coreproducts

Welcome to the world of coreproducts. Worldwide Duynie Group, part of the international group Royal Cosun, is active in the utilisation of co-products as coreproducts.Watch the video to find our more:

At Duynie Group, everything centres on the processing of natural co-products from the food, beverage and bio-fuel industries in the best possible way. It is a continuous challenge to constantly find new, better and smarter applications for these materials. That is why Duynie Group is growing in a different way to its primary competitors, and why we have our divisions Feed, Ingredients, Renewables, Modified starch and Innovations to supply various markets.

Your co-products not only generate cash, but they are responsibly and smartly processed into directly applicable solutions. For example, we make pet food from beer co-products, glue from technical starch, and can generate green energy using other residual streams. And at the same time, we help you to make your business operations run as smoothly and sustainably as possible.

Duynie Group provides smart, innovative solutions based on its own research and development.